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Most Popular Database Management Systems

Over the years many database management systems emerged and each promised to be THE ONE. All are based on E.F. Codd relational database model introduced in the 1970’s. As with many other things in life, the time tells which ones are the most popular and here to stay. In this article we will mention four that are currently the most popular in free, personal, open source and commercial settings.


MySQL is currently the most popular open source database management system running on millions of web servers around the world serving rich and dynamic content on the Internet. MySQL is available as an open source code project and is widely used and first choice for use with web applications. It is a standard component in LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP ) solution that is the most popular in open source community running many applications and software solutions that require database management system.

ORACLE Database

In 1977 first version of Oracle was developed by SDL ( Software Development Laboratories ). Interesting thing about Oracle is that the name comes from a code name of a CIA funded project that Oracle founder Larry Ellison was working on in his previous job at Ampex. Today Oracle is one of the leading database management systems providers. Range of their tools are suitable for small, medium and large companies that need a solution for complicated implementation of databases in their business systems. It is very popular among Fortune 100 companies. Oracle is highly praised for better performance and better scalability than other DBMSs.

Microsoft SQL Server

As its name suggests Microsoft SQL Server is a commercial relational database management system from Microsoft. At first Microsoft was developing the system with Sybase and it was called Sybase SQL server. Later when Windows NT was released Microsoft went their own way and in 2005 Microsoft version was completely redone and had no sharing points with Sybase anymore. Today MS SQL Server is offered in numerous editions such as Enterprise, Standard, Datacenter, Web, Business Intelligence and Workgroup ( not developed anymore ). For home users, Express edition, scaled down free version is available as well.


IBM is the pioneer in development of database systems and is on the top for the last 40 years. Their IBM DB2 runs on many architectures and systems. DB2 name comes from Database 2 that was first introduced in 1983 on IBM’s own MVS architecture. Today IBM offers several editions of its database management system. Editions for Linux, Windows and UNIX are called Express-C, Workgroup Server Edition and Enterprise Server Edition. The first one is free and much similar to open source products such as MySQL. It can be used free of charge in production environments and not only for personal use. Workgroup and Server editions are commercial products with support and regular updates and fixes.