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Short History of MySQL

In 1994 Michael Widenius and David Axmark started developing MySQL and in 1995 it was first released, but only internally ( internal release ). At the end of 1996 it was finally released by tcx.se. First Windows version saw the light in 1998. In 2008 Sun Microsystems bought MySQL AB and in 2010 MySQL was eventually bought by Oracle along with Sun Microsystems.

About MySQL

Currently the most popular database management system in the world is MySQL. It is insanely popular in web server environments and reaches millions, billions of users per day that don’t even know that MySQL is one of the main components of their web sites and web applications. It is an open source project released under GNU General Public License and various propriety agreements. Along with free edition there are also many commercial paid editions. PHP and MySQL run majority of web applications today. Some of the most known are Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. Just to show you how capable MySQL is let us mentions some big web projects that run it. Wikipedia, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are just some of them.

The Future of MySQL

Some people suggest that the future of MySQL is not very bright. Acquisition by Sun first and later by Oracle suggests a little monopoly but currently MySQL is still actively developed and still available as open source. But we can see a trend lately that MariaDB, a fork of MySQL developed by original MySQL authors is gaining in popularity. Slackware is one of the main Linux distributions that went MariaDB way. Since Slackware is an authority in the world of Linux we can predict that many other distributions will go that way as well. Still MySQL is used on so many environments and computers today that the migration will be slow and we will be stumbling into MySQL for a long, long time. As long as Oracle keeps MySQL open source and free we see its future not very bright but still bright.

Advantages of MySQL

Disadvantages of MySQL